BBT5: Sunny Will Be In Top Five Only If This Contestant Gets Eliminated

11 Nov, 2021 12:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Never a day goes by without Bigg Boss Telugu 5 grabbing the headlines. The show has managed to be in the news since day 1 because of the contestants' performance. The credit also goes to the fans for creating hashtags and keeping the buzz around Bigg Boss show alive. There are even dedicated fan pages for contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant VJ Sunny, who was new to the audience when he entered the show seems to have become the audience' favorite person in the house. Viewers love him because they think that he is playing his individual game and being himself on the show while the rest of them are trying to pretend.

It won't be wrong to say that VJ Sunny earned an impressive fan following through Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Several people are supporting him, praying for him to be a finalist on Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Sunny fans and netizens have shared their views on Twitter saying Sunny will surely be among the top five finalists if Maanas get eliminated from the house.

The viewers are now planning to get Maanas evicted so they can vote for Sunny. Will their plan work? Will Maanas get eliminated remains yet to be seen. If Maanas gets eliminated in the next two weeks, he will surely support Sunny. However, we think that VJ Sunny will surely be in the top five finalists with our without Maanas getting evicted from the show as the former he is only concentrating on his game.

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