BBT5: Shanmukh's Brother Sensational Comments On Siri-Shannu's Relationship

8 Dec, 2021 08:37 IST|Sakshi Post

The 14th week of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is being dubbed as boring for the viewers. Netizens feel that Bigg Boss is not assigning any interesting tasks to the housemates. If the housemates fight with each other, there will be some masala added to the content and viewers enjoy it. 
People love to watch when there's some drama or entertaining elements, if the content lacks any substance then why would people stay up till late hours to watch the show?

Do you remember Shanmukh's elder brother, who was seen in the Bigg Boss house during the family reunion weekend episode? The name is Sampath Vinay. Now, he has come  forward to support his brother and at the same time made some shocking allegations against Bigg Boss makers. 

He said, "Shanmukh always gives audience what they want. Shanmukh protecting Siri or feeling insecure of her getting close to other contestants doesn't mean, he is in a romantic relationship with Siri. Shanmukh truly considers Siri as his friend. Shannu helping Siri is no love track and should not tarnish her reputation. That's not all, Bigg Boss makers will also eliminate her for the same reason. Shannu is protecting her so that she will at least reach the finals.  

Even Bigg Boss is not supporting Shanmukh. Why would Bigg Boss support Shanmukh when he is not interested in adding  masala to the content? Shanmukh doesn't like fighting with others. Why would Bigg Boss support a contestant, who doesn't provide content to the viewers? It doesn't matter if Bigg Boss supports him or not, we will always support Shanmukh no matter what. I know his pure intentions. We all are with you, Shannu, signs off Shanmukh's brother Sampath. 

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