BBT5 Second Week Nominated Contestants in Danger Zone

18 Sep, 2021 11:35 IST|L Manisha

Hey Bigg Boss viewers, we are back again with some interesting news. Finally, another weekend has arrived. We are sure you are eager to know which contestant will be eliminated this week. And Sakshi Post is back with updates. 

As we all know, Uma Devi, RJ Kajal, Priya, Lobo, Priyanka Singh, Anee Master, and Nataraj Master have been nominated in the second week for elimination. As per voting results, Lobo, Priya, Priyanka Singh, and RJ Kajal are in the safe zone. Uma Devi, Anee Master, and Nataraj Master are in the danger zone with least votes. Have a look

Lobo- 40. 54%

Priya- 41. 43%

Priyanka Singh- 41.92%

RJ Kajal-35.87%

Anee Master- 21.12%

Uma Devi-30%

Nataraj Master-19.32%

According to social media trends, Nataraj Master is likely to be given an exit pass from Bigg Boss Telugu 5. And Anee Master's voting percentage has dropped too. Two weeks ago, she was safe. However, with her performance she seems to have now entered the danger zone. Uma Devi might have two more weeks' journey in the Bigg Boss house as viewers are loving her comedy scenes with Lobo. It won't be wrong if we said that Uma Devi's sportive spirit is saving her from eviction. 

We are all as excited as you are to see Bigg Boss Telugu 5 host Nagarjuna back on the small screen. And we just can't wait to see what the makers have planned  to make  the weekend episodes special. In the meantime, tell us who do you think should get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house this week.

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