BBT5: Natraj Master Creates Chaos in The House

28 Sep, 2021 14:02 IST|Sakshi Post

Heated arguments ensued in the  Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 house that happened during the fourth week where nominations for elimination among the 16 contestants took place. Every housemate had their own reason to nominate other contestants which actually made sense this week when compared to the last three weeks.

After yesterday’s episode, contestants like Sunny, Ravi, Natraj Master, Anee Master, Siri, Kajal, Priya, and Lobo got nominated by the housemates. Housemates have made this a habit to convince those contestants whom they nominate to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss glasshouse.

In this context, all the contestants started explaining to the persons why they nominated them and sorting out their differences. According to the latest promo released by the show makers, Ravi is trying to explain why he nominated Natraj Master and Kajal, and also he has been trying to know why other contestants nominated him.

Have a look at the promo here:

When Ravi asked Natraj Master to confirm that he is the cunning fox of the house, he ignores Ravi and moves on.

However, Ravi explains that all contestants are pointing him out in the weekend episode whenever there is a topic about the fox of the house. Then, Natraj master tells that Vishwa also agreed that ‘fox’ is apt for Ravi who creates chaos in the house.

Will these conflicts be solved immediately is to be watched in today’s episode.

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