BBT5: Nagarjuna Destroys Bigg Boss House Property To Prove Ravi’s Mistake

17 Oct, 2021 12:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu viewers feel that season 5 weekend episodes are way better than other seasons. It is learnt that BBT5 host Nagarjuna is angry with the contestants over their bad behaviour in the house. 

In a recent episode aired on Star Maa on Saturday, Nagarjuna is seen questioning the housemates. He is also said to have advised a few of them to change their behaviour. He asked Lobo not to get influenced by others' words and to focus on his own game. Later, he also reprimanded Anee for imitating Siri which hurt her feelings.

In the same vein, Nagarjuna pointed out at Ravi while asking him why he damaged house property. Ravi cooks up a story which Sweta denies and tells Nagarjuna that Ravi knew she was tearing the pillow into pieces. Ravi said that he was unable to find the difference between cotton and others.

Nagarjuna asks Sanchalaks Siri and Kajal to check the difference and they agree that both are completely different and what Ravi had done was wrong. Bigg Boss viewers after watching the episode are trolling Nagarjuna for damaging house property and are asking the show makers to take action against the host.

They say that if contestants can be punished, why not the host?

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