BBT5: Lobo's Schedule in House is to Eat, Sleep, Repeat, say Viewers 

19 Oct, 2021 15:32 IST|Sakshi Post

After Lobo was sent to the secret room, he is literally bored to death with none to communicate to. When Lobo was in the BB house, several housemates would encourage him to create some content by entertaining the housemates. Though Lobo never wanted to perform in any task, the contestants just forced him to put his effort.

Now, Bigg Boss viewers have branded Lobo as the most unproductive contestant of the ongoing season. This is because the secret room contestant is being compared to other ex-contestants who had gone to the secret room from previous seasons.

For instance, in season 1, when Mumaith Khan was sent to the secret room, she just started bitching about people which helped her grab some screen space. In season 3, Rahul Sipligunj felt sad about missing his friends in the house and also he entertained the audience by singing songs. Even during the last season, Akhil played some drama while housemates were discussing about him.

In this season, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers say that Lobo routine involves eat, sleep and repeat and now he's more unproductive especially because he has been sent to the secret room where he won't be assigned any tasks.

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