BBT5: Fans Touched by Shannu's Words, Read More

23 Oct, 2021 16:29 IST|Vyshnavi

Siri, Shannu and Jessie, are popularly called Thrimurtulu of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. However, after all the contestants and viewers felt that these three housemates were playing the game as a group, Bigg Boss devised a plan to break their friendship and gave Jessie a secret task. 

In the secret task, Jessie was asked to choose one person to help him to take away all the eggs from any three contestants. While Jessie chose Siri to help, he selected Priya, Priyanka and Shanmukh as his targets.

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Shannu, who came to know about this after the task, felt sad for not being chosen in place of Siri. He also felt betrayed by his own friends he trusted.

However, three of them stayed separately for a day and later Bigg Boss asked the contestants to share their smiling memories as part of Colgate sponsored task. In this task, Jessie won by impressing the contestants. 

While taking the reward, Jessie apologised to Siri and Shannu and asked them to forgive him.

Later, Shannu and Jessie had a discussion over the issue and Shannu declares that he accepts Jessie’s apology, but he also clarifies that he will maintain some distance from them henceforth. However, he also promised to support Siri and Jessie at any time. Bigg Biss viewers got emotional after listening Shannu’s pure words from his heart.

Shanmukh has won the hearts of audience who are saying that he has a heart of gold. 

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