BBT5: Even Nagarjuna Can't Save This Contestant, Deets Inside

21 Oct, 2021 13:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Is there any day without Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants being in the news ever since it went on air? 'No', right? The most watched Telugu TV reality show on Star Maa has managed to be in the headlines on all social media platforms. Shanmukh Jaswanth, Ravi, VJ Sunny, and Priya are the most popular contestants of this season.

 Many of the viewers thought Priya may not survive in the house for more than four weeks. Surprisingly, Priya stayed back in the house for nearly two months. Bigg Boss viewers claim on social media that Priya doesn't like the game play of VJ Sunny. They think that she sees VJ Sunny as a huge competitor for her, which is a reason why she always provokes him.

Last night, the two contestants got into a bitter fight. Netizens are demanding that the Bigg Boss makers eliminate Priya from the house at any cost. When so many people are wishing for one contestant's elimination, Bigg Boss makers is definitely likely to accept their request. So, there's a chance for Priya getting eliminated from the house this weekend. Bigg Boss viewers and fans of Sunny don't want her to be in the house. On the other hand, Bigg Boss makers are eliminating female contestants since the beginning of the show, so that's another reason that she is likely to be shown the door this weekend. Bigg Boss viewers say that even Nagarjuna can't save Priya from eviction this time.

Priya can't escape elimination this weekend. Let's wait and watch to see whether, BB veiwers will be able to see her in the house during next nominations. Stay tuned!.

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