BBT5: This Contestant Is The Worst Performer Of The Week

17 Sep, 2021 15:22 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 completed its second week and is entering into the third week successfully. It seems that the audience is enjoying season 5. As it's time for the weekend, the Bigg Boss asked the contestants to nominate for the best and worst performances of the week. According to netizens and promo, it seems that Nataraj Master will be the worst performer of the week. It is worth saying that Nataraj Master has not been seen that active since day one of the show. And in the captaincy task also, he didn't give his best compared to the other contestants. A section audience says that VJ Sunny and RJ Kajal also didn't play well.

Anyway, Nataraj Master might be eliminated this week. When it comes to RJ Kajal and VJ Sunny, netizens and contestants already have a clear intention that RJ Kajal is playing double standards. Let's wait and watch who did housemates chose for the worst performance. It seems that netizens are liking the worst and best performance tasks, and these tasks are totally affecting next week's nomination task. The season 5 masala between contestants is much more interesting. The new rules and tasks are getting a good TRP rating for Star Maa. 

Who do you select for the worst performer of the week? Comment below.

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