BBK8: Why Nobody Calls Out Aravind KP, Asks Viewer

21 Jul, 2021 10:20 IST|Sakshi Post

The grand finale of the most interesting season in the history of the Kannada Bigg Boss series is round the corner. Like you all, we are also eagerly waiting to see who will be seated on the winner's throne holding the BBK8 trophy like a king. We all know who is the hot favourite. Aravind KP has been winning the internet for a really long time now.

 He has been making the headlines for one reason or the other. Aravind fans are rooting for him since the show went on air. It is being said on social media that Aravind KP is being aggressive and rude in the house, towards his housemates. Aravind is said to be shouting at the housemates during each and every task, BBK viewers say. Netizens are now hoping to see a new contestant on social media who they wish can counter Aravind KP. 

Looks like no one is there to oppose Aravind KP because everyone is scared of him and his fan following on social media makes sure there's no opposition for him by extensively promoting him. A section of the audience is asking why nobody, including Kichcha Sudeep calls out Aravind KP. It is known that the BBK host too is seen appreciating Aravind KP in the weekend episodes. 

Netizens say they have never seen Kichcha question Aravind. Even last week, Arvind was not asked why he was rude to Shubha and Prashanth during the task. 

If Sudeep himself turns a blind eye to all that's happening in the house, then nobody else will question Aravind KP, say Netizens. The general consensus is that Aravind KP is playing the game well and that's why either the host or contestants are unable to point out his mistakes. What's your take on this? Is Aravind's relationship with housemates and behavior towards other contestants accpeptable? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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