BBK8: Vaishnavi and Manju Comedy Scenes Back in Bigg Boss House!

15 Jul, 2021 16:49 IST|Sakshi Post

BBK viewers, get ready for some comedy sequences today as the contestants in the Bigg Boss Kannada house will have fun in the episode tonight. Bigg Boss has assigned a new task to the housemates and there will be around 10 tasks with two teams. And in every task, Bigg Boss has also pronounced the punishment to the team that lost the task. And Bigg Boss asks the winning team to feed the members from the team that lost in the task. 

Now, Colors Kannada has released a promo that shows Vaishnavi feeding food to Manju. Vaishnavi tempts Manju with food in her hand but eats it herself instead of feeding him. Then Manju goes to Prashanth S and says at least "I hope my mother will feed me". Then Prashanth S feeds Manju. Netizens who have watched the promo are  thoroughly enjoying the comedy scenes between Manju and Vaishnavi. And we can say that Manju is back with his comedy to entertain not only his housemates but the audience too. 

Nowadays, BBK viewers are liking the comedy sequences featuring the Vaishnavi and Manju combo. Earlier, Vaishnavi addressed Manju as her brother and even tied a Rakhi during the Kurchi task. Anyway, after a long gap, we can see the laughing faces of BBK contestants in the house during tasks.

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