BBK8: Too Many Hugging Scenes in Kannada Bigg Boss House Irk Viewers

31 Mar, 2021 11:53 IST|Sakshi Post

In yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 the house was divided into two teams with Shubha Pooja and Divya U being made the captains of the task. 

In the task, the two teams were asked to protect the bricks from their opponent team members. During the task, Manju and Rajeev were injured during a tussle. Rajeev hurt his hand and Manju's tooth suffered a hit during the tiff. However, the task was won by Divya U and the team.

Netizens are now saying that Manju did a great job and he did not lose his hope as he was guiding his team even while being in pain. Netizens are making fun of Nidhi saying of all the people in the house, Nidhi has always seen washing clothes and hence they are saying that she could be a good homemaker.

BBK8 fans are getting irritated over watching the Bigg Boss show because of the unnecessary hugging in the BB house and fans are asking the BB to impose punishment for unnecessary hugging. 

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