BBK8: Prashanth Struggling Not to React to Housemates

19 Jul, 2021 15:41 IST|Sakshi Post

As we all know, in the first innings, Prashanth Sambargi was the first in line when it came to controversial fights. Prashanth Sambargi used to create big dramas over even small issues in the house. He would often be seen losing his temper with no regard to his housemates—be it male or female contestants. Now, Chandrachud is doing the same in the second innings. It may be recalled that in the last week of the first innings just before Bigg Boss Kannada was suspended, an unknown caller who called on the show also questioned Prashanth Sambargi over his behaviour. Remember the days Prashanth used to protest over trivial issues and even refuse to eat food? Contestants in the house would avoid him the way they are behaving with Chandrachud now. 

But in the second innings, we are beginning to see another face of Prashanth Sambargi, which is his silence and tolerance. From day one of the second innings, Prashanth Sambargi who would lose his temper at the slightest discomfort, has been kept his distance from controversial fights and instead of spending his time mingling with other contestants. And it should be noted that he is being very tolerant with housemates in the first innings. 

However, Prashanth Sambargi's best friend in the house, Chandrachud, seems to be aping him and even surpassed him. Earlier, if we observe when Prashanth S clashed with Chandrachud, he tried to convince him but Chnadrachud didn't. Prashanth has decided to stay away from Chandrachud and ignored his statements after their clash during a task. 

In yesterday's Sunday episode, BBK host Sudeep questioned him and asked why he became silent. In reply, Prashanth said that he is trying hard to be silent, which he is not used to, and said he wants to stay away from controversial fights.

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