BBK8: Now, Aravind Joins Chandrachud's Bitching Session Against Prashanth

10 Jul, 2021 14:47 IST|Sakshi Post

It seems that Chandrachud has changed his gossiping partner from Prashanth S to Aravind KP.  In yesterday's episode, Aravind KP and Prashanth S got into a war of words over their performance. Earlier, Chandrachud and Prashanth S had also argued over some issue. Following that, the equation between Chandrachud and Prashanth S totally changed. After Prashanth S and Aravind KP  fought, Chandrachud was seen backbiting about Prashanth S to Aravind KP. 

Chandrachud said that Prashanth S had been a good friend to him since he entered the glass house, but now he does not like his behaviour. Strangely enough, Aravind KP, who had kept to himself in the first innings, was seen nodding his head in agreement over Chandrachud's words. 

Chandrachud also goes on to add that Prashanth S is known to play a broker between people in real life too and that he is two-faced in the BBK house and outside the house too. 

By this, we can say that the split between Chandrachud and Prashanth S is wide. And the gossip centre in the BBK house will be closed till Chandrachud gets a good gossip partner. However, Chandrachud is slowly showing his real face to the audience. If Aravind KP falls into Chandrachud's trap and starts gossiping, Aravind KP is bound to lose BBK 8 trophy, say BBK viewers. In the first innings, Prashanth S was named as the cunning contestant. 

Now, in the second innings, Chnadrachud seems to be taking over the title of being the most cunning contestant of BBK8. 

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