BBK8 New Promo Shows Shubha Poonja Katti With Bigg Boss, Wonder Why!!

21 Apr, 2021 14:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 is grabbing a lot of attention from the viewers. Thanks to the innovative tasks being assigned by the Bigg Boss to the contestants, the show is getting interesting by the day and drawing more eyeballs. 

Kannada Bigg Boss Viewers are not only enjoying the new tasks but also loving the way contestants are participating. In the previous episode, Bigg Boss gave housemates a special task. Bigg Boss took away all the daily needs of housemates including their clothes and tooth brush. Contestants were told that they would get then back only if they successfully accomplished the tasks assigned.

In the recent promo, we can see Shubha Poonja saying Katti to Bigg Boss for not giving her tooth brush back. And Shubha says that she will not talk to Bigg Boss. At a point during the promo, Bigg Boss is heard telling Shubha to adjust her mike properly but Shubha replies "I will not talk to you". We can see housemates enjoying this scene and having fun looking at Shubha's antics. Netizens say that Manju and Shubha are a deadly combination for entertainment in the glass house. 

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