BBK8: Netizens Slam Aravind KP For Cheating Vaishnavi

29 Apr, 2021 15:57 IST|Sakshi Post

Kannada Bigg Boss has become the talk of the town. Just a few days left for the show to get wrapped up. Also, only a few contestants are left in the house-- Aravind to Divya Uruduga to Vaishnavi among a few others. Many of you would be eagerly waiting to know who will lift the winner's trophy. 

Among the contestants present in the house, Aravind has inarguably emerged as the favourite contestant for countless of audience and fans. 

However, now it looks like die-hard fans of Aravind are hurt with his behaviour in last night's episode. Since Vaishnavi had already become the captain, Aravind decided to replace her.

He asked Divya Suresh to become the first female captain but it didn't happen. Vaishnavi's fans seem to be upset by this. They are slamming him for cheating her but a section of audience have showered love upon him for his thoughtful decision to not force anyone. If you ask us, whatever the contestants do they’ll do only to impress the audience but not to hurt anyone. 

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