BBK8 Elimination: Nidhi Subbaiah Evicted From The House

4 Jul, 2021 08:35 IST|Sakshi Post

We had predicted earlier going by the voting results that Nidhi Subbaiah was in the danger zone. It seems the prediction might become true. There is speculation doing the rounds that Nidhi Subbaiah has got evicted from the BBK house. But it's officially not confirmed. 

Nidhi Subbaiah, Priyanka, and Chandrachud were all in the danger zone. And if there is double elimination, any two from the list could be evicted from the house. According to sources, Chandrachud and Nidhi Subbaiah have more chances to go out of the house.

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Nidhi Subbaiah lost her popularity over the Swalpa Muchukoli issue. BBK viewers chastised Nidhi for losing her cool over Aravind KP's sportsmanship. They demanded Colors Kannada and Kichcha Sudeep to evict her from the house and asked Nidhi to apologise to Aravind KP. We can say that if Nidhi Subbaiah is evicted this week, it only shows the power of Aravind KP fans. 

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It is worth mentioning here that Aravind too had used the word and later apologised. However, Nidhi added fuel to fury when she made fun of Aravind's participation in Dakar rally. She said you haven't won the rally it was mere participation. She had also said that Arvind lacked sportsman spirit much to the disgust of his fans. This angered Aravind fans to no end who contended that he's representing the nation and she had just insulted a sportsman. 

Let's wait and watch what twist has Colors Kannada planned for BBK viewers. 

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