BBK8 Contestants Brand Prashanth Sambargi Worst Performer, What About Viewers' Verdict?

27 Mar, 2021 13:39 IST|Sakshi Post

BBK8: In the last episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8, the Bigg Boss asked contestants to vote for best and worst performer of the week. Housemates tagged Prashanth Sambargi as the worst performer. Prashanth irked by their decision sought an explanation. Sambargi pointed at Nidhi Subbiah and Manju Pavagada and said they had been targeting him throughout the week.

Netizens say that Prashanth Sambargi is not following any discipline inside the Bigg Boss house and state that "Sambargi baba was extreme!! Empty vessels make more noise." Few netizens even appreciated Vishwa for punishing contestants who are breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house.

Netizens are now waiting to see what will be the seating order of tonight's episode and says that it won't be surprised if Aravind sits in between Divya U and Divya S.

Stay tuned to Sakshipost for all updates on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8.

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