BBK8: Captain Shamanth Bro Gowda Is Most Loved Contestant In Kannada Bigg Boss House

5 Mar, 2021 19:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is one of the most talked about TV reality shows in the recent days. The Bigg Boss assigned the first task to housemates which was won by contestant Shamanth Bro Gowda. And he was made the captain of the house. And guess what? This Kannada Bigg Boss 8 contestant has not only won the captaincy task but seems to have even won the hearts of people. 

How else would you explain the fact that a majority of the housemates showed their thumbs up for Shamanth Bro Gowda to continue as the captain of the house. Hence by becoming the Bigg Boss house captain for the second time, Shamanth Bro Gowda has also won himself immunity from elimination.
This is a first and he has indeed created history inside the Bigg Boss house.

Shamanth Bro Gowda seems to be everybody's favourite because when the contestants were asked to vote to decide if Shamanth should continue as the captain of the house, there were an equal number of votes in favour of him and against him. And when it became a tie, Nirmala who had actually voted against him revoked her decision and voted in his favour. So fat, BBK8 contestant Shamanth Bro Gowda seems to have done all things right which is a reason why he has won the confidence of housemates. For this week, he's immune from getting evicted from the house. So far, he has been lucky. Will it continue in the coming weeks as well remains to be seen.

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