BBK8: Can Prashanth Sambargi Escape Eviction This Week Also?

10 Apr, 2021 12:21 IST|Sakshi Post

Earlier, in Bigg Boss Kannada season 8,  Prashanth Sambergi won the captaincy task and became the captain for the sixth week. Netizens are eagerly waiting to see how Prashanth S would rule the house. Some say he will only rule the house if he is saved this week.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss viewers are also trolling Prashanth S saying soon as he became the captain, he's already behaving like he is in the final 5 and going to win the show.

If Prashanth is saved this week from Elimination, then there is a chance that Chandrachud will be saved by Prashanth S next week. This is what is the talk among BBK viewers. The audience feels that Aravind, Manju, Rajeev, and Vaishnavi will be targeted by Chandrachud and Prashanth S. 

Prashanth S will certainly target Manju next week if he escapes eviction this week, netizens say. 

When the show makers saved Prashanth S last weekend, netizens trolled Colors Kannada channel saying it had done so for the sake of TRP ratings. Now, with the start of IPL, it remains to be seen if  Colors Kannada will save Prashanth S again for TRP rating.

Will Colors Kannada save Prashanth S again? Readers, send in your comments. 

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