BB15: Will Salman Khan Question Jay Bhanushali in Weekend ka Vaar?

14 Oct, 2021 13:10 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 15 fans are now demanding that Salman Khan question Jay Bhanushali after he and Pratik Sehajpal got into a fight once again. Viewers are saying that during the upcoming BB15 Weekend ka Vaar, there should be some repercussions for Jay.

In the first week of BB15 when Jay and Pratik fought, Salman did not say much to Jay. There was no scolding for him even after he used ‘curse words’ for Pratik. Whereas Pratik was dragged through the mud for the bathroom incident. Avid Bigg Boss viewers including some of the celebrities came in support of Pratik and said that Salman went too far with his remarks.

Now fans are demanding that when Pratik was scolded for his mistake, Jay should also face Salman’s wrath in the upcoming WKV episode for repeatedly giving, “maa ki gaali” to Pratik.

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It was Pratik who went and poked Jay which led to shouting and fighting but no matter how angry, Jay should have controlled and refrained from saying anything bad about Pratik’s mother, said most of the viewers on Twitter.

Also, the BB15 viewers are not very satisfied with jay’s side of the argument. Jay said that "harr season me gaali di jaati hai” (swearing/cursing happens in every season). But this logic cannot be justified for him repeatedly using such language. The audience is now waiting for the weekend episode to air and has urged host Salman Khan to take a stand against such behavior in the Bigg Boss house.

Well what the makers have planned and what Salman has planned, we will only get to know that in the coming episode.

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