BB14: Why Are Rubina Dilaik Fans Showing Their Finger At Bigg Boss?

3 Jan, 2021 17:50 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss house is filled with drama and controversy. Everyday there will be a new fight. Bigg Boss 14 has been in headlines ever since it started airing. This week’s “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode, was yet another slam session by host Salman Khan and this time it was Rubina Dilaik.

Rubina showed Arshi her pinkie finger and called her ‘filth’ of Bigg Boss house. Arshi got angry over this and started crying. She fought back with Rubina and it ended up becoming violent with Arshi saying stuff about Rubina’s family.

Following this, Rubina, husband Abhinav and Arshi Khan got into a huge fight. Salman Khan confronted all of them on this. He slammed Abhinav for always taking Rubina’s side and not keeping an open mind.

He then went to Rubina and asked her about her pinkie finger act. Rubina tried to reason with Salman by saying that her gesture didn’t mean anything controversial. Salman pointed out that he knows exactly what Rubina was doing. Rubina pointed her pinkie finger towards Arshi as a replacement to the “middle finger” gesture that cannot be used on National television.

Salman said he watches the show and knows everything that the contestants are doing. There is no hiding of facts from him.

After the episode was aired, many of Rubina fans stood in solidarity with her. While some Bigg Boss fans said, what Rubina did was wrong. Some defended her and said there was no “Special” meaning behind her showing pinkie finger.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “It was just a pinkie finger. There is no big deal in it. She did it during their fight only as a way to irritate Arshi and nothing else.”

Many fans changed their Twitter profile picture to a pinkie finger as a way to extend their support towards Rubina. 

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