Anybody Who Goes Against Ravi Gets Eliminated, Says BBT5 Viewers

17 Oct, 2021 21:09 IST|L Manisha

Season 5 of Bigg Boss Telugu has picked up pace with viewers staying hooked to their television sets to watch what will happen next. Each day the show is getting interesting and equations between the contestants are changing. 
Talking about elimination, unexpected contestants are getting exit pass from the show. And now, viewers are waiting to see a new face via wild card entry. When it comes to elimination, if we observe the show closely from the past two weeks, the eliminated contestants are the ones who got into a fight with Ravi. Lahari and Natraj Master are the contestants who got into a fight with Ravi over a task. Hamida got eliminated for her attitude and for not performing well. 

Now, there are rumours that Sweta Varma got a red card from Bigg Boss this week for the same reason. 
In this captaincy task, Sweta and Ravi got into a clash and in the weekend, Nagarjuna slammed Ravi for breaking the bigg boss rules and making Sweta break the game rules. Ravi said he was not aware that Sweta took cotton from the cushion while Sweta argued that Ravi knew that she had pulled the cotton. 
Now, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers say that Ravi fans are targeting the contestants who get into a clash with Ravi. Do you agree with theory? Let us know your opinion in your comments. 
One thing is clear--Anchor Ravi seems to have quite a clout on social media.

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