Anupamaa Today Episode: Rupali Ganguly Bids Goodbye to Shah House, Read Written Update on What Happens Tonight

25 Oct, 2021 15:30 IST|Sakshi Post

TV show Anupamaa has been garnering good ratings for the past few months. Its TRP on the charts has been high for quite some time, although it saw a dip in the last week. Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, and other actors in the show are being praised for their acting. Not many expected this show to become such a hit. But somehow her story touched the heart of many as it is quite relatable.

As we remember the story started with the main lead living alone as she has separated from her husband. Anupamaa has divorced Vanraj and is living with the Shah family on her own.

Gaurav Khanna was introduced as Anuj Kapadia, who is Anupamaa's college friend. The chemistry and bond between these two was a refreshing turn for the fans. They liked the new storyline.

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Vanraj, Baa, and Toshu are not pleased with Anuj's arrival in Anupamaa's life. During the Dussehra celebrations, Baa not only doubted Anuj's intentions for Anupamaa and also insulted him. Anupamaa, on the other hand, has decided to stand up for both her friend Anuj and herself. She is done with everything now. 

Anupamaa will now make the decision to leave the Shah house and start her own life. Even  Anuj had previously encouraged her to leave the house in order to grow and succeed, but Anupamaa had refused. But now she has decided to leave the house as it’s her people that keep insulting her.

The channel released a new promo where we saw Anupamaa announcing that she is leaving the house. She says that the people who do not respect her and have only taunted her whole life, she will not spend anymore time with them.

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