Anchor Ravi Reveals Shocking Truth About Siri Feelings For Shanmukh

30 Nov, 2021 14:20 IST|Sakshi Post

Anchor Ravi's name is being heard everywhere ever since he was shown the door of the Bigg Boss house. Yes, people just can't stop talking about him. 

Bigg Boss viewers always thought that Ravi may not be the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. But they did expect he would be among the top five finalists. Ravi's elimination is still a shocking thing to viewers and his fans. 

Anchor Ravi gave his first interview to Ariyana for Bigg Boss buzz after stepping out of the house. The interview will get telecasted on Star Maa soon. The show organizers have shared a promo of Ravi talking about Siri-Shanmukh's relationship. 

Anchor Ravi said, "Shanmukh loves Deepthi Sunaina a lot, even Siri Hanmanth knew it. They know each other's commitment to their resective partners. But, Siri loves Shanmukh, she himself told me that 'I like him.' Here's the promo for you. 

Check it out:

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