Akhil Sarthak Says Monal Is More Than Family

6 Jun, 2021 18:55 IST|Sakshi Post

By Sarah Justin

Akhil Sarthak is the man of the hour. Recently, Bigg Boss runner-up Akhil Sarthak was chosen as the most desirable man of 2020 on TV by Hyderabad Times. People are now curious to know more about the former Bigg Boss contestant.

So we thought why not do a little chit-chat with him to throw more light on his career plans and how far things have progressed after the Bigg Boss show. In an exclusive tete-a-tete with Sakshipost, Akhil Sarthak reveals some interesting things about his life. Curious much? Read on...

Congratulations! this is your first-time winning the title most desirable man of 2020? How does that feel ?

I’m really in a happy space. In fact, I’m overwhelmed by the kind response from the fans and audience.

Can you describe your mom's reaction after you entered the 'most desirable men list?
She was totally proud. Because she always wants me to be in the top. When I was in Bigg Boss house, she also was hoping that I would win the title. But, it didn’t happen. When I got a call from the Hyderabad Times to inform me about being the most desirable man of 2020, I was happy. I was so thrilled to break the news to my mom.

She congratulated me and in turn, asked me to become the most desirable man on the big screen  next year. I earned 14th place, but my mom asked me to try to be in the top three by next year. I promised that I’ll try to achieve it with my hardwork and dedication. She also asked me to keep my focus on the goal. She gave me a tight hug. I’m very happy the way things are happening...I mean the way I imagined, asserts Akhil.  

Who do you owe this huge success to--,Was it Bigg Boss or TV serials?

I would definitely give it to Bigg Boss... because of the show I’m here. The serials haven’t helped me much in getting wide recognition among the audience. I owe it wholeheartedly to Bigg Boss.

Have your Bigg Boss housemates including Sohel called you after Hyderabad Times named you?

Sohel and Monal called me as soon as they heard the news. They both congratulated me and they are very happy for me. 

Is Akhil Sarthak single or committed?

I’m single.

What’s your real relationship with Monal Gajjar? Because your chemistry with Monal was much talked about during Bigg Boss days

We are best friends, we are like more than family. When we were in the Bigg Boss house, Monal used to say we are family. After walking out of the show, she is maintaining it and stuck to her words.

We are very close friends and share every little thing with each other. Monal and Sohel are my best friends, but I will share most of the things with Monal as she does the same. When it comes to Sohel, he doesn’t share many things with me. But we do have a binding. 

In Bigg Boss house, we saw you as the protective friend of Monal. In real life too, is Akhil equally possessive?

Yes, I’m still possessive about my friends, if they say anything to Monal or Sohel. I just can’t take it and I will surely give back.

What according to you is a perfect date.

Basically, I’m not a date person. I have never been to date till now. Recently, I asked Monal what’s a date, she said something but If I have to to know and experience, then I will have to go on a real date.

What are your plans after winning the most desirable man on tv title

I got a few movies offers and some ad shoots. There are chances of me taking part in a reality show. It can happen anytime.

Telugu Abbayi, Gujarat Ammayi..it looks like the script was written keeping you and Monal in mind

Actually, It was the director who first narrated the Telugu Abbayi, Gujarat Ammayi script to me. They had plans of roping in some other actress. But, I was the one who suggested Monal's name for this character. And she aptly fits the bill. 

Did you help monal with her Telugu during the shoot?

Yes. I help her during the shoot. I still correct her when she talks in Telugu.

Are there any interesting projects in the pipeline?

Currently, I’m occupied with my debut film. There a couple of web series in my kitty, but I’m looking for the right platform. I will surely announce them once everything falls in place.

Next season of Bigg Boss is in production. Are you excited to watch it? Is any of your friends entering the house?

I don’t know whether I can disclose it or not. But, one of my female co-stars is entering the house. I’m very excited and waiting to watch her on the show.

Among NTR, Nani and Nagarjuna who do you think is the best Bigg Boss host?

Everyone has their unique style, I just can’t tell one actor should do, Nani garu was good with hosting, Jr NTR garu was good in his own style. While coming to Nagarjuna, he is totally different and he was full of vibrance during our season. Last season, I felt Nag sir was friendly and jovial with everyone. But, during our season he was very strict.

I think Nagarjuna sir is the perfect host for Bigg Boss. Nagarjuna sir is going to host this season too. The upcoming season will surely be double special as the experience of hosting two seasons clubbed into one will surely have something exciting in store to attract the audience. The way Nagarjuna sir will grill the contestants too will be way different and more interesting.

They say Bigg Boss is scripted. What are your comments?

Bigg Boss is not at all scripted. I never felt anywhere it's a scripted show.

Are you still in touch with your Bigg Boss housemates other than Monal and Sohel?

Yes, I’m still in touch with Noel and Harika. I lost touch with Mehboob.I felt people change after coming out of the house. When I don’t like somebody, I wish to distance myself from them.

Does Bigg Boss really open up opportunities for you?

Bigg Boss is a really big platform where people will come from different fileds to participate. Sometimes it helps the contestants to earn fame and sometimes, people might even lose their fame. I got wide recognition with Bigg Boss. So far, I never lost my fame anywhere and I’m using it wisely because it comes only once. We have to make good use of it.

All I achieved today is because of my hardwork. People will get a chance to enter the Bigg Boss house, but they don’t set a certain time for anyone to stay. Because it totally depends on the people... how they play the game and overcome the challenges and difficulties. If a contestant comes with a prior plan to put up an act or do some drama or deliver dialogues, he/she would definitely get eliminated as they are just pretending on the show. Be yourself and go with the flow. If you plan to dominate someone, then there are chances of you losing the game or battle.


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