Will Monal's Emotional Blackmail Move Nagarjuna? Will Avinash Be Evicted?

5 Dec, 2020 17:14 IST|Sakshi Post

The success of the reality show depends on upon how well it is hosted and undoubtedly Akkineni Nagarjuna nails it with his impeccable hosting. His aura, style, and humor enamors everyone and hooks everyone to their television. Nagarjuna fans prove that he is the pillar of the show and that the TRP rates soar high predominately due to him. Everyone will agree with us that Nagarjuna is a total ladies man. The way he showers compliments flirts with the inmates makes every girl wish that they were in the Bigg Boss house right now. He takes no nonsense talk from anyone and if someone does, he gives them back quite well. No contestant dares talk anything that Nagarjuna doesn’t approve of and that is his style.

Bigg Boss makers have released a promo where Monal is seen crying and explaining her pain to Nagarjuna. Looks like show makers might have called Avinash and Monal to the confession room to show the video where they had clashed last week. We don’t know who is right or wrong until we watch tonight's episode. We are pretty sure, it could be Monal’s mistake because she cries when she doesn’t have answers to divert the topic.

She got so much head weight after she got saved in last week's elimination and insulted Avinash you are the weakest contestant in the house during the nomination process. Looking at the current trend, Netizens are supporting Avinash trolling Monal that she always blames other contestants for her own benefits. Last week, Nagarjuna yelled at Abhijeet because of Monal, the host may also repeat the same to Avinash. Speculations are doing the rounds Nagarjuna will always be partial to Monal and he could point to Avinash's mistake in it though he didn’t do it.

Nagarjuna and makers might eliminate Avinash due to Mona’s emotional blackmail. If Avinash gets eliminated, show buffs will surely lose complete faith in Nagarjuna because a bunch of people are requesting and waiting for Monal’s elimination. When there are so many people requesting her elimination then who would have voted for her. They are just saving with their own decision and being partial to her. Hold on, we are not saying it on our own, it is the audience who are sharing their opinion on Twitter to eliminate Monal Gajjar. Here a few reactions to the latest promo:

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