Is This Why Bigg Boss Telugu Saving Amma Rajasekhar And Monal Gajjar?

2 Nov, 2020 15:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu will have many rules for the contestants. Few rules are hidden from the viewers. The contestants will have a set of rules and they will be getting a huge amount for staying in the house without being in contact with their family members. Now and then, Bigg Boss turns the game to create curiosity amongst the viewers. Bigg Boss reality show is always expected the unexpected as it will take major changes with each passing day. The show organizer are the ultimate game-changer.

Netizens are claiming that show organizers are being biased to few contestants in the house. Monal Gajjar and Amma Rajasekhar were almost so close in getting eliminated but show organizers have saved them with one or other reason. Two weeks ago, Monal was supposed to get evicted but she has escaped from it. Kumar Sai has been eliminated in her place. On the other hand, Mehaboob was also supposed to leave long back but show organizers saved him during the nomination process by giving a special power to Sohel. As you all might have know, Sohel was captain during that week and most of the housemates have nominated Mehaboob for eviction, but makers have removed him from the nomination with a special power. While coming to Sunday’s episode, Nagarjuna returned to the stage as usual and entertained the audience with dance performance. Nagarjuna said that Amma Rajasekhar is eliminated and tell him to pack his bags. While Amma Rajasekhar is coming, Nagarjuna announced that he is also safe from eviction as it is Noel's request that no should leave the house. No one was evicted in Sunday’s elimination. 

Looking at all these, Netizens are highly talking that show organizers might have already paid heavy advances to top finalists. In case, if anyone eliminates before that, the management is believed to have bear the losses. Apparently, Amma and Monal Gajjar could be in the list that's why they are believed to be saving them from elimination. We are really don’t know, how far this news contains truth but Nagarjuna and Show organizers being biased towards the contestants has become a hot topic on social media platforms.

One user commented on twitter. “ This seems so weird. They booked Top finalists already by paying heavy advances I guess. If anyone from them eliminated before that, the management has to bear heavy losses. I hope Amma is not one of them. 
#Biggbosstelugu4, you are so unethical.

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