Why Bigg Boss Eliminated Monal Gajjar In Finals After Saving Her Every Week?

16 Dec, 2020 21:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Monal was no doubt one of the most searched contestants in the bigg boss house this season. Also, there was a lot of talk about her on the social media. This is the reason why despite backlash, Bigg Boss decided to protect her. However, after saving Monal for so many weeks of elimination, why was she eliminated just before finals?

The buzz is that since this is Bigg Boss Telugu Monal was roped in as a glamour element as other TV actresses and Telugu female celebrities refused to take part. already the show organizers were facing criticism for saving Monal because she used to cry for everything and create unnecessary drama in the house which helped TRPs. But when it came to the final round, Bigg boss had no choice but to evict Monal Gajjar as she is a non-Telugu. The show being a Telugu program, the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu were a little skeptical about letting her win the winner's title as they might invite the wrath of people again for choosing a non-Telugu as the winner of Telugu Bigg Boss. So even though Monal was most entertaining and had the potential to win the title, Bigg Boss show organizers decided to evict her to avoid controversies.

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