Will Even Pawan Kalyan Film See An OTT Release?

7 Sep, 2020 15:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Pawan Kalyan is the biggest star of Telugu Cinema. His films gamble with Rs. 100 crores and 125 crores price tags in present market situation as he has great craze among the audiences. 

His political preferences and strong wave in support of AP CM YS Jagan might have contributed to his failure but films wise, we can say that his comeback is the most awaited one. 

But the pandemic and lockdown have changed the equations. No body is clear about when the theatres will open and with what capacity occupancies, allowed as well. 

Even USA started to show consistent reduction in the number of Covid cases but India seems to be aiming for the No. 1 record. Daily cases are increasing at alarming rate. 

People have given up on being afraid and staying at home as their livelihoods started getting grossly affected. But will they dare to come to theaters? Producers are riddled with this question more than anyone else. 

Hence, they are looking at OTT deals to save themselves from heavy losses. Nani's "V" did not procure positive feedback and that would have effected the performance of the film at the box office, in normal market. But the deal recovered producers the cost and made them a marginal profit too. 

Now, the buzz is that same producer could look at selling Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab also for an exclusive OTT premiere at Rs. 80 crores. Other deals will bring in at least Rs. 20 crores and the movie would earn Rs. 100 crores without having to go through any other scrutiny. 

Distributors won't be ready to pay such huge amounts in prevailing market situation and will any producer take huge risk, by saying No, to such lucrative deal? Of course, fans of the actor are against the deal. What will Dil Raju, Boney Kapoor, the producers and Pawan Kalyan will decide? We cannot say, yet! 

Venu Sriram is directing the film, Hindi film Pink remake and Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Shruthi Haasan are part of the cast of the film. 

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