Tollywood Producer Suresh Babu Shocking Comments On Casting Couch In TFI

9 Jun, 2021 10:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Telugu actress Sri Reddy spoke about casting couch in Telugu Film Industry. She exposed the names of various Telugu and Tamil celebrities, who allegedly took advantage of her. She named many Telugu stars in the casting couch culture. After Sri Reddy's episode, many heroines have come forward and shared their experiences.

Tollywood producer Suresh Babu in an interview opened up about casting couch. Now, the video is going viral online. He said that, "Casting Couch is not a new story, it has been existing in the society for a very long time. In the olden days, the King of a kingdom used to have a lot of money, property and used to have many concubines. It was very common those days but slowly, the culture has changed." He said that it is very sad to listen to casting couch stories from Telugu Film Industry.

He further stated that,  women never used to question their husband even if they had a relationship with another woman in the olden days but now the situation has been completely different. Women started questioning and are not accepting things like this.

He added that it is absolutely wrong to be in a relationship with other women after marriage. He said that a man shouldn't cheat his wife who comes to his life leaving everything.  Suresh Babu said that he leads a straight life and is never involved in any controversy and never cheats on his wife.

He also explained that nowadays, girls are very aggressive and are confident; they are ready to fight for their rights. But still, there are few people in the society who are troubling women a lot and are sexually assaulting them. He said that the government shouldn't spare such guys and they should be killed on the spot. Suresh Babu said that it is very important to control the mind and shouldn't get involved in any wrong deeds.

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