Superstar Krishna Unveils Debutante Hero Sharan Kumar's First Look on Mahesh Birthday

9 Aug, 2021 15:47 IST|Sakshi Post

A new project under the banner of "Shri  Vennela Creation Banner" and the hero will be Sharan Kumar from Super Star Krishna's family. Hero Look Poster Unveiled By Super Star Krishna

Super Star Krishna unveiled the hero look poster of debutant hero Sharan Kumar on Sunday. Sharan hailed from Super Star Krishna-Vijaya Nirmala's family.

M. Sudhakar Reddy will produce this project as "production No:3" under "Sri Vennela Creations Banner," while Siva Kesana Kurthi will handle the direction department.  

On the eve of Mahesh babu's birthday, Super Star Krishna released hero look poster, which has an intriguing and hidden concept. 

Addressing the press, Super Star Krishna said, " Sharan's hero looks poster looks interesting, and I am very excited to release this poster. This project will be a perfect landing for Sharan. I wish the entire cast and crew all the success. I love to see Sharan as a great actor in the future."

M.Sudharkar Reddy, the project producer, said that he felt happy and honored to release the hero look poster of Sharan's debut film by Super Star Krishna on the eve of Mahesh Babu's birthday. "This project will give a break for Sharan who hailed from Super Star Krishna and Vijaya Nirmal's family," he added. 

Extending his speech, he further said, "I am thrilled as many great actors are supporting me as a producer. Actor Naresh Garu, Jayasudha Garu and hero Sudheer babu congratulated our team. We are going to announce all the details officially very soon."

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