Siri Hanmanth Follows Deepthi Sunaina: Deets Inside

15 Jan, 2022 11:04 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant Siri Hanmanth is perhaps following the footprints of Deepthi Sunaina. The two are not on talking terms for reasons best known to them. 

There were rumors that Siri Hanmanth's relationship with Shannu in the Bigg Boss house, made Deepthi Sunaina end her relationship with Shanmukh. Several reports claim that Siri Hanmanth is the main reason for Deepthi and Shannu's break-up. 

Siri and Deepthi always stay active on social media. They also have huge followers on social media. Yesterday, Deepthi Sunaina shared a few pictures of her niece with her Instagram followers. 

Later, Siri Hanmanth also shared one picture of a little baby. A section of the audience is saying that Siri is a copycat. She is perhaps now following the footprints of Deepthi Sunaina as every post she shares seems to be similar to that of Deepthi. 

We are not sure if it's sheer coincidence or she is really following Deepthi. 

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