This Scene In Love Story Turning Point Of The Movie?

13 Sep, 2021 15:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Maverick Tollywood filmmaker Sekhar Kammula dropped the trailer of his most anticipated movie Love Story starring Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi on the Internet drawing a lot of reactions.

Twitter is filled with comments on the trailer of Sekhar Kammula's Love Story. Yes! the makers of the movie, Love Story have released the trailer. 
For the first time, Sai Pallavi and Naga Chaitanya have teamed up and expectations are very high from the movie, Love Story. 

In the recently released Love Story trailer, one could see Sai Pallavi and Naga Chaitanya striving hard to make their mark. Sai Pallavi wants to get a good job as she completed her whereas Naga Chaitanya, a Zumba trainer wants to start his own business. 

In the trailer, Naga Chaitanya could be seen visiting a bank to borrow a loan. Sai Pallavi realizes her hidden potential after a person tells her that one should have talent. Sai Pallavi and Naga Chaitanya could be seen dancing to a music beat in the video. Naga Chaitanya sings praises of Sai Pallavi and asks her to join him. 

The video also shows Chay and Sai Pallavi sharing some good moments in the fields. If you have closely watched the trailer, a man is seen carrying two garlands along with a woman and Naga Chaitanya could be seen running. 

Going by trailer, it appears that Sai Pallavi gets engaged to someone else after her parents learn about her relationship with Naga Chaitanya. The intriguing trailer has left fans guessing about the plot of the story. Is the director trying to portray honour killings that are taking place in society? Chaitanya is also seen saying one powerful dialogue in the entire promo, we wonder if the movie has a sad ending or happy ending.

Let us not decode much but wait for the movie which is going to hit the screens on 24 September 2021.

We all know that Sekhar Kammula always comes up with some interesting lines and give a happy ending to the story.

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