Remunerations Of Bigg Boss Contestants Become A Hot Topic!

19 Sep, 2020 13:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Covid-19 pandemic has made it tough for content producers to continue production at a normal scale. Film producers have had to wait for six months to start their work again. 

TV producers could start in 3 months but the problem of infections spreading to people involved in production has made them worry about the level of safety measures they have to employ. Hence, the shows that are able to generate big TRPs are only getting first priority. 

Bigg Boss has become a fool proof concept for the TV broadcasters to generate high TRPs and hence, Telugu show producers, Star Maa, couldn't resist themselves from producing another season. 

After director Surya Kiran's exit, the payments that Bigg Boss show producers are handing out to contestants have become a hot topic. The channel agreed to pay out double payments to contestants for this season as they have to go for quarantine for 15 days before joining the show and during the show, they have to take the risk of being affected on the sets. 

Every contestant has to follow rules of Bigg Boss and then they have to play games, participate in tasks and have to stay away from family members for weeks and  months. Hence, they are getting huge amounts, according to the reports. 

While Surya Kiran revealed that he got 5 times more than he quoted, Jabardasth comedian Avinash had to pay Rs. 10 lakhs for violating his contract with the show producers to join Bigg Boss, suggest new media reports. 

This means the actor should be getting far more than what he afforded to lose by exiting Jabardasth show, that too when he is one of the long standing team leaders and popular comedian, key participants of the show. 

Now, imagine what people like Lasya, Amma Rajasekhar, Kiran Sai, Monal Gujjar, Karate Kalyani could be getting this season for their participation as they have been popular before entering the house as artists. 

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