Whom Does Rashmika Resemble - Sridevi Or Soundarya?

6 Sep, 2020 15:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Mahanati, the fictionalised biopic of legendary actress Savitri became a turning point in Keerthy Suresh's career. How well, will she go forward using the opportunity that the film has given her, should be seen. 

But she did inspire other actresses to look at the biopics more closely and try to choose from the available options in South Indian Cinema too. Already, Hindi language heroines are ready to take on any popular person's story. 

Rashmika Mandanna going by the trend, asked her fans to tell her, if she resembles Sridevi or Soundarya. To be more precise, she asked whose biopic should she choose, given a chance. 

Most of them replied that her being from Karnataka gives her a chance to work on Soundarya's biopic than Sridevi's. The tragic death of Soundarya post her peak in Film career, did leave a void in film industry that no one else could really fill up. 

A clever film on her initial life and the impact she created on filmgoers will be something to watch for. But does her life have enough masala to make it a docudrama than just a documentary? That is a different question for some other time. 

For now, fans of Rashmika Mandanna want to watch her play Soundarya on screen and we hope some good talented writer, director and producer are listening, observing and taking a note! 

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