Prabhas's Billa Heroine Had Suicidal Thoughts: Find Out Why

4 Feb, 2021 10:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Actress Namitha is one of the popular star in the entertainment industry.  She was featured in several films in Telugu and Tamil but most of the audience will be able to recognise for her role in Prabhas' Billa. The film was a decent hit but Namitha made everyone to take notice of her work.  It's been years, she is away from Telugu films and fans are waiting for her come back. Recently, Namita revealed that a few years ago, she had suicidal thoughts due to depression. Namitha opened up and shared how her weight issues led her to depression. 

Shared a then and now picture on Instagram. She wrote, wrote, “Before / After The picture on the Left where I'm wearing Black is at least 9 to 10 years old. And the One on the Right is taken a few minutes ago, Sans Makeup or Any filter.The Reason for me to post this RN is only to spread awareness about Depression. In my Left pic, I am severely Depressed. And the worst part is that I did not even KNOW !! I only knew that I was uncomfortable and highly anti-social. I couldn't sleep at nights and I became heavily dependent on Food. I started ordering Pizza almost everyday. All of a sudden I became Bloated and Too out of shape. I was at my heaviest 97 kgs !!People started gossiping that perhaps I had succumbed to Alcohol. But I only knew that I got diagnosed with PCOD and THYROID!! I was highly Suicidal and nothing or no one could give me the peace of mind that I was looking for. And then after 5 and half looong years of Depression, I had finally found My Krishna. and I found Maha Mantras Meditation. I never went to any doctor or had any Therapy. My therapy was my Meditation and my time that I spent in devotion to Krishna. I finally found Peace and I finally found Eternal Love. The Moral of this post is, that what you are Seeking Outside, is always within You, Inside!

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