Planning To Do At Least Two Films Per Year: Khiladi Producer Havish

25 Jun, 2021 08:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Tollywood producer Havish, who has delivered a big hit like Rakshasudu in his maiden production venture is currently producing Ravi Teja's Khiladi. The actor has also lined up three interesting projects for himself in which he will be playing the lead. On the occasion of his Birthday, the actor says big things are lined up in his career and production house in the coming days

How did the lockdown go?

I mostly played video games during lockdown. I stayed away from my parents for almost two and a half months for fear of infecting them.  I am taking their blessings finally on this Birthday. Also, I saw a lot of movies on the OTT in Lockdown besides listening to some scripts

Did you finalize any scripts in the lockdown?

I have locked three scripts. One is a family entertainer, the other is an action love story and the third one is a sports backdrop action film. I will let you know the details soon.

You are always into making different things right from the start?

Yes, I have been doing different movies from the beginning. I want to be a perfect choice for my films. Also, I like to do challenging roles more than regular characters. It's also a reason why I made fewer movies. However, at present, the audience prefers different movies. But I will make sure to do at least two films in a year.

You are a hero as well as a producer. How do you balance things?

I hail from a business family. So, production is never difficult. It is just about having the right time and ensuring everything goes as per the plan. We need to do everything right, keeping a check on the final audit.

Heard building a studio and a university is your dream?

We are planning a studio in Kukatpally as well as a university. We are going to build a green screen studio there. When it comes to a university, we plan to make it one of the best universities in Asia. It is not my dream but it is my responsibility to continue the legacy of my grandparents.

How about Khiladi and other films in your production?

Khiladi is going to be the most stylish thriller Ravi Teja has ever acted in his career. It will be more stylish than Kick. The movie came out very well. Rakshasudu is being remade in Hindi. We sold the rights to Akshay Kumar. A star hero is also keen on Khiladi Hindi remake rights. From now on, we are going to make more films with big heroes on our banner.

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