No Bigg Boss Without Amma Rajasekhar, Says Wife After Eviction Rumours

6 Nov, 2020 16:54 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Amma Rajasekhar has been grabbing the headlines for obvious reasons. Amma Rajasekhar has managed to perform all the tasks in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house. He has proved he’s never giving up attitude by performing and entertaining even after undergoing a lot. Netizens are widely discussing on social media, Amma Rajasekhar will be eliminated this Sunday. Looks like Amma Rajasekhar elimination rumors have reached to his wife's ears and she reacted to the news.

She stated to a leading tabloid that “ Why he went to the show? He went to entertaining the audience not to sit silently? He can’t pretend, he is in and out the same? He will tell whatever he feels like to say, he can’t control his anger and words. He never does act to gain sympathy from the audience. He is cracking jokes in the house. I agree but is he cracking jokes with his fellow mates but not on the audience? He is not sitting idle like the other few contestants. My husband won’t get eliminated. There isn’t Bigg Boss without him that’s why the makers are giving him few chances to stay in the house. Definitely, my husband will become the winner of this season. By chance, if my husband gets eliminated then, I will stop watching the show. I have full faith in him that he will become winner. If he fails then I predict Avinash or Ariyana anyone of them could become winner. I always support them. My husband is far better than other contestants. Although he is an old man but putting effort in all the tasks, he is participating in all the tasks that’s why he is able to survive in the house for nine weeks. He has involved in-game that’s why his angry also becomes a part of it. No one can stop it. He is playing well, I request all the fans and audience to support him”.

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