Netizens Troll Akhil For Begging Harkia To Kiss Him

8 Dec, 2020 10:10 IST|Sakshi Post

The fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is filled with all the spice and drama. The last weekend episode gave a big U-turn to the show as it evicted Mukku Avinash who was one of the strong and deserving contestants to stay in the house. Nagarjuna evicted him based on the votes he had received from the audience.

Finally, the show is getting interesting and seems like contestants are not leaving any stone unturned to grab the winner's title. Talking about last night's episode, firstly it was quite boring and show lovers might have rejected it. For those who are haven’t watched yet, then this piece of news for you. Bigg Boss nominated all the contestants for this week's eviction. As per the first task, every contestant had a chance to become the ruler of the house where they can make and break any rule of the house, frame new rules and impose any punishment.

When Harika's turn came, She ordered Sohel to wear his shoes in 15 seconds, if not, she will throw the clothes in a swimming pool. Sohel requested Harika please don't that by giving a peck on her cheek and he went off. Later, Akhil is seen asking Harika to kiss him but she promised him that she will give after the task. Akhil begging Harika for a kiss hasn’t gone well with the audience. They are trolling him badly on social media. Check out the tweets:

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