Nagababu Gives Some Interesting Financial Advice

4 Oct, 2020 15:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Producer Konidela Nagababu used to act in few films every now and then, out of his passion. But he mostly participated in production as he wanted to make films with his brother, Megastar Chiranjeevi, that will reflect their taste. 

He produced Rudraveena, Trinetrudu, Mugguru Monagallu, Bavagaru Bagunnara, Kouravudu, Gudumba Shankar, Orange and Naa Peru Surya till date. 

He lost almost all of his money with Orange film but slowly recovered from a dire condition where he wanted die by suicide to a position where he could be one of the producers of a big budget film like Naa Peru Surya in 8 years. 

Now, he ventured into TV production and he could be looking forward to starting even more shows, serials and even web-series for OTT platforms soon.  So, how did he recover? What are the money making techniques that he followed? 

He shared them in a video and said that after he decided to drop the idea of dying, he immediately looked at the opportunities he have in his hand. He got a chance to be a judge on Jabardasth show and then few acting opportunities followed. 

With those opportunities, he did not think about recovering the entire amount he lost in one week or one month or in few months. He understood that it is long process and kept working with some goals in mind. 

As we went ahead with a goal like Rs. 3 lakhs in 6 months and then Rs. 7 lakhs in next 6 months, he worked towards reaching those goals. Slowly, he again recuperated the money, he lost and even more. Today, he has more fame, many more opportunities and avenues to make money. 

So, he said that people should think about the opportunities they have and come up with clear cut solutions to their problems and they make more money that way than just scheming to become next Ambani in a year or day or two! 

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