Mukku Avinash Lost Job In Jabardasth Reality Show?

4 Nov, 2020 09:19 IST|Sakshi Post

There’s no denying that, Jabardasth Avinash is one of the most popular contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Mukku Avinash fans and followers are eagerly waiting for him to see in the top five finalists of this season. He has the real potential to reach the stage as he is working hard work to become the winner of this season. He also has few contenders in the house with the same goal to clinch the winner title.

In a recent episode, Bigg Boss has given an immunity chance for the nominated contestants to save themselves for this week's eviction. It was ‘Face Cover Task’ remaining housemates have to disturb them with sand, grass, water, and eggs whoever survive in the task will directly save from elimination. But, none of them got immunity power as Avinash, Amma Rajasekhar and Monal didn't give up and they stayed stronger until the Bigg Boss buzzer rang. As per Bigg Boss rule, only one contestant should be on the stand to get immunity power as three were on the stand that couldn't get immunity power. After the task, Avinash cried a lot and shared his pain with Sohel and Ariyana.

As you all might aware, Avinash became a household name with the reality show Jabadarsth show. Post the task, Avinash is seen telling Sohel and Ariyana that I came here by overcoming a lot of obstacles in my life. He further added that the reality show makers which I was doing weren’t ready to send me to Bigg Boss house as they were having an agreement and they also said to me that they won’t take me if I go after the show. I’m not allowed to Jabdarsth show. I don’t have any option if I step out of the house. I will work hard and entertain the audience until I achieve my goal. Probably, he might have lost his job in popular reality show Jabardasth show.

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