Monal Wants To Leave, Eliminate Her: Netizens To Bigg Boss

9 Dec, 2020 10:28 IST|Sakshi Post

As the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 finale is nearing the contestants of the BB house re showing their aggressive side in the Bigg Boss house finale race. In the latest episode, Bigg Boss has given a chance to nominated contestants to prove themselves. The task is to test the contestants’ patience, Ariyana was the first contestant to a participant in the task. Sohel tried a lot to disturb her by breaking her favourite cup and Monal is seen throwing Ariyana’s favourite doll out of the house.

Later, it was Monal chance to participate in the task. Ariyana said that ‘Monal you have pretended with me these days as a friend but still you are holding the grudges on me. She further added that you have hurt everyone in the house with your behaviour. Monal after finishing the task, she broke down into tears by sleeping on Sofa. Ariyana informs Bigg Boss that Monal is crying and Bigg Boss asked her to come to the confession room. Monal is sharing her pain with Bigg Boss that she doesn’t want to stay in the house. She wants to quit the game.

Bigg Boss suggested to Monal you have come so far and only a few days are left to achieve your goal, suggested Monal to focus on game. Netizens who are not really interested to watch Monal on the show, requesting Bigg Boss makers to eliminate her. She wants to leave the house why can’t you eliminate her. They are asking to eliminate her at least this week. It remains to be seen whether Monal will get evicted this week or not. Check out the tweets:

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