Kotigobba 3 Shows Cancelled Across Karnataka After Producer-Distributor Clash Over Finances

14 Oct, 2021 11:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep's Kotigobba was supposed to hit the big screens today.  The makers of the movie also opened advanced booking of tickets for the audience and Sudeep fans. Most of the Kichcha Sudeep fans bought their tickets ahead of the show to watch the movie on the very first day. 

However, they were shocked to receive a message alert saying the show had been cancelled. Sudeep fans are disappointed as the release of Kotigobba was stalled. They are expressing their displeasure over the same on social media. We have learnt from our sources that a well known distributor had bagged the rights of Sudeep's Kotigobba and Duniya Vijay's Salaga which is also releasing on the same day.

The distributor planned to release both films at the same time by allocating 50 50 screens to each film. The latest we hear is that the distributor has reportedly run into a big clash with the film producer over finance because of which the early morning shows of Kotigobba have been cancelled and other shows delayed. 

There's no official confirmation whether the movie will be ultimately see the light of the day or not. Let's wait and watch when Sudeep's Kotigobba will have a smooth release in theatres.

Now, the cancellation of Sudeep's Kotigobba shows has turned out to be an advantage for Duniya Vijay. We hear that theatres that were to screen Kotigobba earlier are now being allotted to Salaga. While Kichcha fans are crying foul over the entire fiasco, movie buffs are blaming the mismanagement of the distributor for the situation.

Salaga is the first directorial venture of Duniya Vijay while Kotigobba is directed by Shiva Karthik.  Sanjana Anand plays the leading lady opposite Duniya Vijay in Salaga. Sudeep's Kotigobba 3 has an impressive star cast including the likes of Madonna Sebastian, Shradha Das, Aftab among others. Take a look at the tweets:

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