I Don't Believe In Box Office Records: Venu Sriram

31 Mar, 2021 14:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Noted director Venu Sriram of MCA fame is waiting for the release of 'Vakeel Saab'. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan will be seen in the lead role. Venu Sriram is kicked about having got an opportunity to work with Pawan Kalyan that too with him being just two films old in the industry. Vakeel Saab makers have kickstarted the film promotions as only few days are left for the film to hit the screens. While addressing the media, he shared few things about the film with the media.

How was the trailer experience?

I was so happy to see the audience. We missed the celebration due to COVID. For any filmmaker, audience are celebration. I was overwhelmed as the film's trailer was released and it's a  fantastic experience which cannot be translated into words. I give all credit to the actor's fans.

Are you feeling pressured over the hype created by Vakeel Saab?

There's no pressure for me as I worked with my favourite star. I'm feeling happy. For everything, there will be good or bad results. When we work with passion, we don't feel the pressure nor do we consider it as one. Directing Pawan garu was a happy moment for me in my life.It's dream come true for me. I would smile whenever I saw Pawan Kalyan on sets

What was his reaction when you narrated the script?

I didn't tell read the entire script at once. We met three to four-times for script narration. He loved the script.

Did you make any changes in the script as it is a remake of a Hindi movie?

Pawan has different streams of fans, there is no separate element. It totally depends on writing and I can't tell much. I went through my story and all characters will get equal importance. The film is all about women empowerment. I did few changes to suit the image of stardom

Have you placed Pawan Kalyan picture's in between the title as it got leaked?

Yes, the picture got leaked and we discussed where to place the picture. Finally, we added it in between the title.

Are you thinking of Vakeel Saab box office records?

I don't believe in box office records as the audience will remember the story of the film and cast. If you ask anyone how much a film collected, most of them may not remember. However,  they will always tell you about their favourite dialogue or a song

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