I Am Fearless And Willing to Experiment: Nagarjuna at Wild Dog Success Meet

5 Apr, 2021 13:14 IST|Sakshi Post

King Nagarjuna's Wild Dog hit theatres recently and there is applause from all quarter for the honest attempt of the team in bringing out the movie. Nagarjuna's performance in a this action flick is being talked about across social media platforms. The Wild Dog team held a success meet in Hyderabad titled Mission Accomplished.

Speaking at the film's success meet, Nagarjuna said, "I thank the audience for encouraging the film and our team. We were skeptical about releasing the film because of the increasing number of cases but we always believed in people encouraging good films. I am Happy with the audience going to theaters taking all safety measures. I thank the fans for all their support. They are always behind me in whatever I do. I will be always be indebted to you. I should also thank the media for their support. I couldn't have  asked for more when people say every Indian should watch this film. I didn't think it was risky doing so much action. I am fearless and I am not afraid of experiments. I am hungry for new subjects. I am that way in my real life as well. It is not difficult when you do something you like".

Producer Niranjan Reddy said, "We got calls from every distributor saying that the audience is enjoying the film and the audiences are glued to their seats in the last 30 minutes. This Success meet is not to celebrate the box office numbers. This is because we got appreciation from the audience for our honest attempt. The collections are increasing with every show. There is COVID fear but the audience is coming to theaters appreciating a Good film. Everyone is appreciating our banner for making such an honest film. Nag sir has encouraged us to make this film. He is also the reason behind making this film. We have focussed on the subject without deviating in the name of songs. He gave complete freedom to the director. We are happy with the response from the audience".

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