How Many Days Will Gangavva Stay In Bigg Boss House?

29 Sep, 2020 12:11 IST|Sakshi Post

Gangavva is one of the most popular stars on YouTube. Now, she has become a household name through her stint in the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Gangavva might have increased her fan following after entering the show. Many of the people are encouraging and supporting her by voting, whenever she gets nominated.

Several speculations are doing the rounds that Gangavva is gaining sympathy from the people. Some of the contestants are trying to get an image by helping her. It is being said that Gangavva will stay in the house for two months. Some of the netizens are praising Gangavva saying that she is playing the game very carefully.

The contestants in the house won't utter a single word to Gangavva. Netizens claim that Show organizers are biased towards Gangavva. It remains to be seen whether Gangavva will be in the house until her contract finishes or will the makers eliminate her before the contract ends. We don't know the truth behind this piece of news.
If Gangavva walks out the show with the winner title then it will be a history.

Some of her fans have already predicted that Gangavva will be the winner of this season. If this becomes true then the Bigg Boss show lovers and her fans will be happy for her as it would be another milestone in her career. Let's wait and watch how long Gangavva will survive in the house.

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