How Bigg Boss Cheated Abijeet In The Name Of Winner's Trophy

21 Dec, 2020 12:44 IST|Sakshi Post

The audience has given its verdict. After three months of being tied up in the house. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has finally got its winner. It is Abhijeet who is the best know for his movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’. The show has been termed as a failure by fans and critics, but fans have still liked contestants like Abhijeet, Akhil and Sohel. As per fans, Sohel was the most deserving but when it came to popularity, it was hard to beat Abhijeet. Ariyana and Harika were the first to get evicted in the grand finale.

Everyone expected that the finale would be a tough contest between Abhijeet and Akhil that is what exactly happened. Congratulations are pouring on Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner from all corners. Abhijeet could be on cloud nine as his all hardworking in the house for 105 days paid off. It is worth mentioning that Netizens are not happy with Bigg Boss maker's decision.

Yes, what you read is right. The show makers have divided the prize money Rs 50 lakhs to the winner and second runner up. Abhijeet and Sohel received an equal amount of Rs 25 lakhs. Bigg Boss fans say that there’s any different Abhijeet walking out with trophy as Sohel also received the same amount. It is being said on social media that Bigg Boss makers have cheated title winner Abhijeet with the prize money. Show makers already decided Sohel to make a winner that’s why they have to hint him to walk out of the race with Rs 25 Lakh.

When Nagarjuna was asked the three top contestants Abhijeet, Sohel and Akhil to take a briefcase with an amount of Rs 25 lakh to quit from the race. Whoever takes money will get deduct by prize money. Abijeet and Akhil were seen saying to Nagarjuna that winning the show with the trophy is much important than money. Bigg Boss makers have cheated Abhijeet by giving half the prize amount which is actually unfair. Likewise, they cheated Abhijeet by giving half the cash prize to Sohel.

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