Find Out The Winning Formula Of Shiva Balaji, Kaushal, Rahul: Is Abhijeet Copying Them?

21 Nov, 2020 14:49 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has become the talk of the town. Some of the are eagerly waiting to know who will get eliminated this weekend. Few of them are guessing who could be in top five of this season. Finally, Abhijeet, Harika, Lasya, Akhil, Sohel, Ariyana, Avinash and Monal are staying in the house. The contestants of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 have already started playing their own game inside the house. Everyone is trying to prove themselves better than other housemates. Some of them are giving tough competition to their fellow mates. Some contestants are still struggling to show their true colours to the audience. Any wild guesses, what is the perfect strategy to win the title?

The most popular contestant of the current season is none other than Abhijeet. Fans have been rooting for him and there are several fans pages dedicated to him. Looks like Abhijeet might be copying the success formula of former contestants Siva Balaji, Kaushal Manda and Rahul Sipligunj.

There will be no special strategies to win the show. In Bigg Boss anything can happen and the equation between the contestants could change in any moment. If contestants go with the plan then they may lose the show. The actual strategy to win the show is to impress the audience with your real behaviour. The behaviour of the contestants will leave all the audience to form a certain opinion on them. People who play the real game without faking by being same in and out, those people will become the winner of the season. Siva Balaji, Kaushal and Rahul have won the hearts of the audience with their behaviour. They were cornered by the housemates but the way they tackle the situation made them the winner. 

Yes, like any normal person, Abhijeet did mistakes in his Bigg Boss journey. But then who doesn't? It takes lot of guts to accept that you are wrong and Abhijeet is man enough to own up to his mistakes, learn from them and move on.It is very important to acknowledge that you were wrong and correct it. Abhijeet learned from his mistakes and has emerged to be a better person than before. Abhijeet has been saved by the audience in every elimination. As there’s no doubt he’s the favourite, time and again, fans have been trending #Abhijeet and many more hashtags and broken social media trends. The actual formula to win Bigg Boss title is to win the hearts of the audience.

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