Few Reasons Why Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Is A Flop Season

7 Dec, 2020 10:18 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show on Indian television. Whether it's nasty fights or changing loyalties they always manage to keep the audience hooked to their TV sets. However, going by the trends, the show is currently in the 14th week, seems to be losing out on viewers' interest. Despite makers and the contestants doing everything to fetch good TRPs ratings. But, seems like they aren’t working and the show is heading to become a flop. 

Here are a few reasons why Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is heading to become a disaster:

The first and foremost reason is that, unlike previous seasons, the current season contestants has no exciting background and has zero curiosity value. All the participants are new to the audience except Abhijeet who is popular among Telugu states with the movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’.

The audience is really fed with up Monal’s behavior in the house. But, makers and Nagarjuna are being partially towards her. Last week, it was crystal clear that Monal kicked Avinash with her leg during milk container task. But, Nagarjuna hasn’t said anything to her and in fact, he had evicted strong contestant Avinash from the house. Many strong contestants of this season got eliminated in Monal’s place right from Devi Nagavalli to Avinash’s elimination. Another top reason unfair elimination is one of the biggest reasons for the show to become a huge flop.

The tasks have become so redundant that even the one where two teams torture each other by throwing weird stuff on each other’s faces is not interesting anymore. How can makers expect us to be entertained with repetitive tasks and there’s no creativity in it. Most of the tasks audience have already witnessed in previous seasons. It’s such a confused mix this time and one cannot help but sleep with open eyes while watching the show.

Over the seasons, one sure shot formula to stay longer in the Bigg Boss house is to be in a relationship. Akhil and Monal have a special connection to each other and they are pretending as they are true love birds in the house but its a fake relationship and they are trying to make the audience fools with their fake relationship. We have seen many times, they both were fighting and nominating each other, then where’s the true love. Well, forming pairs inside was one thing but this season’s lovesick couple definitely falls under the category of overkill.

Love, hate him, make fun of him, criticise him etc etc but the main attraction of this show is definitely Akkineni Nagarjuna. Audience would wait for the weekend episode as Nagarjuna would be returning to the show enthrall of us. But, His interaction with the contestants look forced and he hardly indulges in a fun banter with any one of them.

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